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Lawn getting fertilizer treatment.

Lawn Fertilization Services

Lawn fertilization services grow your yard thicker, greener and with fewer weeds.

Complete lawn fertilization services for The Grosse Pointes, St. Clair Shores, MI and surrounding areas.

At Live Green, we offer commercial and residential lawn care fertilization services and packages to homes and businesses in the communities of Grosse Pointe, MI and surrounding areas such as St. Clair Shores and Clinton Township. Our team of professionals is licensed and certified in the State of Michigan to provide dependable and high-quality services that will keep your lawn thick and green throughout the growing season and beyond.

Lawn in Grosse Pointe, MI using our fertilization services.

The benefits of the right lawn fertilization program.

Every yard or garden can benefit from a fertilization plan. Offering quality fertilizers - both manufactured and organic, we can customize the plan that's right for you. Our full-service programs include earth-friendly fertilizers so that keeping things green and growing is an environmentally sound decision. Choose from fertilization programs include disease and insect fungicides, plus 5, 6, and 7 applicator programs. We only use fertilizers that allow for a timed, slow release application. We're talking highly-rated products that ensure the best results for your grass.

Everyone strives for a healthy, green, and lush lawn. The right fertilizer plays an important role in ensuring your grass stays healthy. The right program can help ward off weeds, pests, and insects. The wrong one can be detrimental. Here are some great reasons why you might want to consider using your professional lawn fertilizer program as opposed to trying to do it yourself:

  • Proper ingredients: We're schooled in the variety of mixtures that fertilizer comes in, and how to determine which mixes are best for your particular lawn’s needs.
  • Proper amounts: We'll determine your square footage then calculate the right amount of fertilizer to use. We'll apply everything properly for maximum results.
  • Proper scheduling: Timing is also crucial. To achieve that healthy and green look for your lawn, controlled-release fertilizers can deliver the perfect amount of quick-release nitrogen.

At Live Green, we'll make sure your lawn stays healthy and thriving under our care. We are experts at lawn care and fertilization services. So from greening to weed control - and everything in between. If you're located in The Grosse Pointes, St. Clair Shores, Clinton Township or anywhere nearby in Michigan, you're in our service area! Give us a call today at (313) 570-7930 to learn about the affordable fertilization packages that will get you on your way to a greener, healthier yard.

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